• 1930

    Singapore Children’s Orchestra is founded by Mr Edwin A. Brown, under the Department of Education.

  • 1946

    Musical activity resumes after World War II, with the Children’s Orchestra being renamed the Singapore Junior Symphony Orchestra (SJSO).

  • 1964

    The SJSO is renamed the Singapore Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO), and is now under the sponsorship and management of the MOE.

  • 1969

    The Young Musicians’ Society (YMS) is formed under the jurisdiction of to the MOE to promote ensemble music-making among youth in Singapore by way of membership in the Singapore Youth Orchestra, the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and the Singapore Youth Choir.


  • 1971

    The Singapore Youth Orchestra represents Singapore in the 3rd International Festival of Youth Orchestras in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • 1980

    The Singapore Youth Orchestra (SYO) is moved under Ministry of Education with the appointment of its first Music Director Ms Vivien Goh.

  • 1986

    The Singapore Youth Training Orchestra (SYTO) was formed as a junior orchestra to the main orchestra.

  • 1990

    Mr Lim Yau helmed the orchestra as Music Director from 1990-2002.


  • 2001

    The SYO is renamed as the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO).

    SNYO Conductors from 2002
    2002-2004: Robert Casteels (Music Director/ Resident Conductor)
    2005-2010: Lim Soon Lee (Music Director)
    2011-2012: Darrell Ang (Music Director)
    2011-2014: Tan Wee Hsin (Resident Conductor)
    2014-2018: Leonard Tan (Principal Conductor)

  • 2015

    The SNYO is transferred from MOE to MCCY. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) sets up the SNYO Integration Office to manage the consultation and operational processes for the handover.

  • 2016

    The SSO takes full operational and management control of the SNYO.

  • 2018

    The SNYO appoints Joshua Tan as its Principal Conductor and Peter Stark as its first-ever Principal Guest Conductor.