22 October 2021
John Fung (SNYO Oboist) speaks to Jove Fong (SNYO Bassoonist) to find out more about his experience as a member of the SNYO!
Jove Fong (standing, first from left) has been an SNYO bassoonist since 2015. Jove has toured with the SNYO in 2018 to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. He has also performed in the SSO-SNYO Gala Concert featuring Australian violinist, Ray Chen.
John: What’s your favourite pastime? 
Jove: Playing badminton with my friends.
John: Tell me about the happiest moment in your life.
Jove: One of the happiest moments in my life was when I got to go on tour with SNYO to Guangzhou and Hong Kong. We had many great experiences such as performing and going out on excursions with each other.
John: Favourite composer?
Jove: Tchaikovsky.
John: Favourite musical work?
Jove: Tansman Sonatine for Bassoon and Piano.
John: What have you been watching lately?
Jove: Some chess videos for fun. I’ve also been learning how to play some chess.
John: What about what you’ve been listening to lately?
Jove: Some English pop songs, maybe one would be Call Out My Name by The Weeknd.
John: What’s your go-to food?
Jove: Pasta.
John: When did you join SNYO?
Jove: When I was 12 or 13 years old.
John: Tell me about the most memorable concert with SNYO.
Jove: Definitely the tour concerts (December 2018). Also, the June 2019 concert where we played Bartok’s Dance Suite and Holst’s The Planets.
John: What do you enjoy most about SNYO?
Jove: SNYO lets me make music with my friends and it’s truly an amazing feeling when we come together and hear the whole sound of the orchestra.
John: Do you have any funny stories from your time with SNYO?
Jove: Before we went on tour in December 2018 with Pacho Flores (who played the Arutiunian Trumpet Concerto), he hid somewhere backstage and jump scared one whole group of us. So I guess that was pretty funny!
John: What non-musical skills do you think SNYO has taught you?
Jove: Definitely time management, which is exceptionally important as we have to practise our parts before assessments and rehearsals. It’s a personal responsibility to come prepared for rehearsals so we don’t waste valuable rehearsal time.
John: What’s most challenging about being in SNYO?
Jove: Coming to rehearsals knowing that you are sufficiently prepared. It also is challenging to know what is expected of you from the conductor as rehearsals can be really intense just before a concert.
John: So I’m guessing you would practise to overcome this challenge?
Jove: Yup, (laughs) practising is really important.
John: What instrument would you play if you weren’t playing the bassoon?
Jove: The timpani! It looks like fun to play.
John: Last question, can you describe SNYO in 3 words?
Jove: Fun, inspiring and exhilarating.


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